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Out-of-Home (OOH) Ad Tech Leader Broadsine recently announced a Broadsine ad – formerly known as CampSite, a Canadian programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) DSP acquired by Broadsign in 2019 – extended to the United States. With the market and Australia. The pDOOH-Specialty Demand Side Platform (DSP) helps agencies and brands plan and implement effective DOOH campaigns with a streamlined workflow, such as online and mobile DSP.

An established market leader in Canada, Broadsine is working with a number of early adopters and brands across the United States and Australia to launch Broadsine advertising campaigns in each market. Sharing his experience, Kerry ThomasChallenge Worldwide’s Media Supervisor says, “Large-scale OOH campaigns require a DSP who can provide ease of use and transparency, and BroadSign ads have performed above and beyond our expectations, with its immense potential to streamline DOOH.” Thanks to the power-specific workflow. In addition, access to BroadSign’s team of programmatic digital-out-of-home experts means smooth implementation from start to finish. “

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Denver Rego

Frontier Australia Head of Bidable Media, Denver Rego, Also shared, “As a results-oriented media and marketing agency, DOOH helps bridge the gap between online and real-world advertising. BroadSine advertising allows us to quickly, easily and autonomously plan, execute and measure DOOH campaigns in collaboration with our experienced BroadSine team. “

With the rebranding and geographic expansion of BroadSine advertising, media buyers in the United States and Australia can now access the platform’s intuitive, powerful campaign workflow, which has paved the way for pDOOH in Canada. Platform benefits include:

  • Access to premium DOOH inventory with full screen clarity: Set campaign parameters and select screen types based on data points, such as proximity to visitors, environment, or points of interest. Get full visibility on screen-level data to maximize campaign performance with optimal inventory.

  • Flexible, targeted campaign planning and budget distribution: Buy and activate DOOH inventory that meets your budget and audience targets using BroadSine ads’ smart bidding algorithms, ensuring cost-effective delivery of targeted impressions.

  • Strong Real-Time Audience Targeting: Target targeted audience segments in real-time with impressive DOOH ads reaching them at the right time and place. Access to dynamic mobile data makes it easy to spot places with the highest concentration of the desired audience segment.

  • Contextual targeting: Take advantage of current events and real-time situations to provide more effective campaigns with triggers such as weather moments and financial moments.
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John Dolan Jr.

“Between consumer screen fatigue and the goal behind cookies, DOOH is heading into a new era of growth. Broadsign ads make DOOH ad purchases more transparent and accessible online and mobile. It combines BroadSign best practices and technology with the core functionality of the campsite, ”shared. John Dolan, VP and Global Head of Media Sales, Broadsign. “The rebranding and expansion of BroadSine advertising in the United States and Australia represents an important next step in the evolution of DOOH, enabling new and mature digital marketing agencies, brands and local businesses to realize the full potential of OOH.”

About Broadsign

BroadSine empowers publishers, organizations and brands to harness the power outside the home and connect with audiences around the world. With the power of more than 300,000 digital signs on roads and at airports, shopping malls, health clinics, transit systems and more, Broadsine is at the heart of human life. The BroadSign platform gives marketers and agencies easy access to premium screens.

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