Another DSP platform has been launched – this time it’s a boutique – oh today

Atedra Boutique has launched the DSP platform

In order to provide the easiest and fastest way for brand marketers and media buyers to buy and launch creatives, Etadra, A leading global provider of digital advertising solutions, has announced the launch Stand up An independent spin-off company focuses specifically on redefining over-the-top (OTT) advertising. The boutique, demand-side programmatic platform will first focus exclusively on DOOH.

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Adstanding’s brand new self-service application is a single destination for brand, media buyers and inventory providers for DOOH plans and purchases. Advertisers can use Adstanding’s platform to access a network of 250,000 digital screens in 30 different environments and generate 42 billion impressions per month. The company started in partnership with major OOH media owners and programmatic platform providers across North America.

Pierre-Antoine Fradet's profile photo“We are thrilled to see Atedra’s OTT division turn into an independent company,” he said Pierre Antoine Fredet, CEO Adstanding. “AdStech launches as a standalone company with 16 years of AdTech expertise and 4 years of DOOH growth. We are incredibly proud of our achievements so far and the aggressive growth plans ahead of us. “

Programmatic DOOH is growing with proven proven ability to help brands engage audiences on a scale with dynamic, contextually relevant content. According to eMarketer, programmatic DOOH spending in the United States will reach $ 533 million this year, up from $ 181 million just two years ago. With its intuitive, flexible, and completely transparent design and high-quality digital inventory access across North America, Adstanding helps brands easily incorporate DOOH into their broader marketing strategies and achieve campaign objectives. Using Adstanding’s self-service features, any advertiser can book a campaign with just a few clicks, regardless of their DOOH purchase experience level.Genevieve Michaud's profile photo

“Advertising encrypts and simplifies DOOH’s programmatic buying and selling, enabling any marketer to drive innovative campaigns, build meaningful connections with consumers, and provide measurable ROI, regardless of their OOH skill level,” he said. Genevieve MikoudVP Alliance, Adjusting.

At launch, Adstanding includes digital inventory based in North America. The company is actively working to expand its internal team, establish multiple new market presence, and expand the platform to include additional marketing channels, including affiliate TV advertising, for which the company has already amassed many premium resources and is actively seeking more.

About Adstanding
Launched in 2022, Adstanding A boutique OTT DSP that is known for bringing speed, comfort and scale to DOOH planning and purchasing complexity. This is an OTT spin-off of digital pioneer Atedra launched in 2006. Adstanding is a proud member of IAB, DPAA and COMMB.

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