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adPlanet ™, the largest digital out-of-home grocery retail advertising network, has announced that it has expanded its reach to deliver 1.9 billion impressions per month. This significant milestone has been reached by adding 2,700 locations to retail and grocery stores across the country. With this expansion, Adplanet will now cover 115 DMAs, including the top 10 markets – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Atlanta, Houston, and Washington. – and adPlanet is now able to offer the brand’s unparalleled access to scale grocery visitors, including the unique crypto community available at Coinstar Kiosk.

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Adplanet General Manager said, “Our goal has always been to provide our clients with unparalleled reach and rich targeting capabilities in this highly sought-after space. Chris Pajelo. “This recent expansion is the first of many enhancements we will make this year.”

In addition, our partnership with Vister Media allows access to the Adplanet digital network programmatically or directly with our growing internal sales and marketing team. The AdPlanet team can develop custom solutions that enhance the brand-to-consumer experience among their target audience. The capabilities of adPlanet offer dynamic video, social media integration, and content sponsorship. Through the benefits of partnering with GroundTruth, the leading location-based advertising platform, advertisers can go beyond the kiosk to reach their audience, understand consumer behavior and participate in the customer journey.

When it comes to reaching and engaging audiences in grocery stores across the United States, adPlanet is the largest and premier digital-out-of-home network with 115 markets and 6,700 locations delivering 1.9 billion impressions per month.

About Adplanet
adPlanet is a leading digital out-of-home media network located in retail and grocery stores across the country.

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