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Mesmerizing Taps for Programmatic Sales Screenverse – Oh Today

Mesmerize, a leading media company specialized in patient care, is a media company, Screenverse, Inc. Has announced a partnership with, a leading advertising management company that specializes in digital screen owners for the highest revenue. The partnership will allow Screenverse the exclusive right to manage and sell mesmerized digital place-based media to programmatic advertisers.

Programmatic advertising is becoming increasingly important to digital POC network owners, as advertisers add the extra reach, ease of use, flexibility, and scalability available through the Demand Side Platform (DSP). Advertisers looking to reach captive audiences in key health care moments - pharmacies, clinics and doctors' offices - will now be able to do so through their favorite Dedicated or Omni-Channel DSP.

Message for Movia Media

David Weinfeld, CEO of Screenverse, excited to add Mesmeriz as a partner and inventory of Screenverse's digital advertising network. “We think Mesmerize is a perfect fit for what we're doing and what our clients want. Adding Mesmerize's Digital Point of Care inventory to our network will allow our new and existing clients to stay where they are when making important decisions about their healthcare, personal care and other purchasing decisions. It not only allows us to offer great reach and scale, but also the best-in-class content that educates and enriches the viewing experience of the audience we serve. "

Craig Mait's profile photo"We look forward to working with Screenverse to make Mesmeriz's digital inventory programmatically available at the point of care," he said. Craig Mite, Enchanted President and Chief Revenue Officer. "Partnerships with Screenverse allow us to introduce Mesmerize's network to a new set of brands and clients, increasing exposure to ad value during care."

Mesmerizing digital place-based networks are available on Vister and Place Exchange.

About mesmerize
Specializes in patient education at mesmerizing care points. Mesmerize provides targeted learning materials, including digital and static wallboards, literature distribution, and branded medical needs of patients and carers in waiting rooms, examination rooms, and doctors' offices, community-based organizations, AIDS service organizations, and other independent high-traffic areas. And Chain Pharmacy.

About Screenverse
Screenverse offers the largest digital network-of-home network in the physical world. With nationwide coverage across retail, bars and restaurants, urban panels, residential and office and healthcare, Screenverse offers unparalleled access to advertisers who want to connect with real people at critical moments.

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Oh they said today – Richard Sutterley of WOO – Oh today






















OOH-Thought-Leadership-Rishad-Tobacco 2































































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Oh Today Weekend Update – Oh Today

1. A picture worth thousands ... impressions

Lisa Stariak, Those have been the headlines in photography Vector Media For over a decade now, she has shared her top tips on how to get a good picture of an OOH placement.

Great photography seems to be a secondary priority for most OOH owners. Not in the case of vector media. Arguably, determining what constitutes a good photo is also a problem in the OOH industry. We see hundreds of pictures a week through OOH Today, and less than 10 pictures a week are 'acceptable'. 10 is not good but 10 is acceptable. Poor pictures are still given to clients. The loss of future renewal of a campaign is risky. What is your renewal percentage for media promotion? It's a long one, but worth reading. If we do not advise our advertiser to consider, we will refuse FotoFetch To take your picture.

2. Today's OH Agency: Project X Media

We caught up with recently John LaramiFounder and CEO Project X MediaWho talked about his favorite campaign, last year's biggest win and the separation of Project X from other agencies.

Project X Media knows out of the house. John Larami has put together a strong team. Here OOH Today is happy to share a small part of his story. How is your new business development? We have a brand and agency in our network of 27,000+ daily readers who need help planning and setting up OOH. If you are interested in featuring your OOH agency on OOH Today, please email us.

3. Geopath President Recaps OOH Media Conference-Tracking wild black bear

President of Geopath Dylan Mabin It took a few moments to reflect on the recent OOH media conference on Marco Island.

The time has come to give the company some stability and commitment by electing a full-time president of the Geopath Board of Directors. Dylan Mabin is definitely the pick we used to make on OOH Today. Quite frankly, we are still strong in our support of Geopath as the most reliable and accurate voice for measuring the OOH industry. With that said, we will challenge Geopath as well as other OOH companies to continue to improve and grow. As for our take on the OOH conference, for now we'll drop it to 1. It was a great place and 2. We are glad that Dylan was elected President despite having a serious election schedule. About shortening the new president; Somehow, Dylan compares OOH to the industry Tracking wild black bear. Short reading. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Nick Coston

4. OOH Best Creative Last Week Today

"SweepedFar from seeing how great OOH ads look on the new Elizabeth Line, FYI is in the UK.

Schweppes proves that you don't need more copies to make OOH more effective. Bright colors. Large copy. How will they miss? They don't. Also, nine more creative executions that came to our attention last week. Three of the advertisers drank. Are you getting your fair share of beverage business? Call your local distributors. They have dollars. Send us your OOH from your market. Want to know our 27,000+ network. There are no alternative text descriptions for this image

5. Why digital marketers are moving from display advertising to OOH

Wrapify explores 4 reasons why OOH is making a comeback: it works, it is measurable, the effectiveness of digital advertising is declining, and consumer movement is returning.

The weight of four things: "Is this the right audience?" "Exact time?" "Is it measurable?" "Will there be more?" Oh today I have to ask, is that enough? Read the post and let us know your thoughts.

Wrapify for topo chico

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Oh Classified Today – Oh Today

Out of the scope of home career

OOH Jobs, OOH Consulting, Wrapping Vehicles, Printing,
Mobile billboards, photos, truck parties, experimental

Here is today's selection of #OOH jobs and services

Real estate, operations, creative and administrative
Formatco-Sign installer
Formatco-LED video screen service and installation technology


Lukmedia: Business Development Representative (remote)
Liquid outdoor mediaFlorida Regional Accounts Director


PrintingCircle Graphics & Associated Poster Inc.Printing

Service - Get it out, Photofetch, Move the average, Wrap

Free Representative (Want position) Available space is free subject
For ad rates and information, email: [email protected]

Message for Movia Media


OOH Recruitment
Oh owners
Contact us today

Business Development Representative

About the job

Luke Media is looking for a business development representative who will help us grow our business through our top-of-the-funnel lead generation strategies. We are looking for an enthusiastic business developer who is aroused by the challenge of reaching and meeting new possibilities through a multi-channel outbound prospecting approach. Experience in the media industry in the United States is preferred. This role works directly with the CRO and CEO of the company.


  • You will be the pioneer of the new account by owning the outbound prospecting process from potential list creation to outbound outreach (use of email, cold calling and social and sequencing), to booking meetings.
  • Create thematic 'Hunt List', compile leads from various sources including Zoominfo and create our lead pipeline on Hubspot.
  • Ongoing activity tracking and analysis to find opportunities to improve oneself and the company as a whole.
  • Attend appropriate digital / virtual events to build leads and build relationships
  • Develop skills in Look Media products to reach goals
  • Track activity on the CRM Dashboard and participate in experiments to optimize conversions at different funnel stages.
  • Research support sales team beyond industry trends and sales best practice goals.
  • Participate in the development, improvement and documentation of workflows and processes.
  • Manage BDR related activities, reports and dashboards on Hubspot
  • Sales and support the company as a whole, along with other initiatives as needed (we are a small and growing company and everyone pitch into it) may include but is not limited to: social media account management (help us be the voice on social issues), marketing Bail, etc.
  • Other responsibilities assigned

About you - qualifications and skills

  • 1-3 years of direct B2B sales experience, ideally for the media industry (but not mandatory)
  • Outreach Activity and Quota Success in Meeting Quotas in Booking Meetings.
  • University degree
  • Experiences displayed on Hubspot - Create and run sequences, template management, cold calling, report creation and management.
  • Understanding the landscape of the media industry and especially the outdoors.
  • Self-promoters with excellent decision making and strong work ethic.
  • Excellent time management and organization skills, including the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and work in a fast-paced work environment.
  • The energy, perseverance, wealth and appetite needed to create strong sales results,
  • Collaborative, empathetic, solution-oriented mindset.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Excel and PowerPoint
  • Experience and understanding of database concepts
  • Bonus points for the experience of photo-editing software
  • Deep knowledge of US geography.
  • Excellent communication skills, written and oral.
  • Contribute to a positive team environment and company culture.
  • Detailed-based with the ability to oversee projects from scratch through completion
  • We are looking for entrepreneurial people who are interested in doing whatever it takes to create look media

What we provide:

  • An open and collaborative culture where everyone has a voice
  • Opportunity to quickly become a senior sales leader
  • Competitive compensation package including base salary and incentive commission package
  • Private time off
  • Healthcare stipend
  • SEP IRA program
  • Location - Remote (cover required business expenses)

Look about the media

Look Media provides hyper-local media on a scale with over 4,000 ad sites nationwide across 170 DMAs. With 45% of the daily commute for shopping and work (Geopath), about half of the street traffic shopping center is set aside for the parking lot - the modern town square - where we own the media. Our energy is reaching people in outdoor formats with impressive visuals in a retail environment where people are most open to receiving branded messages. We have been verified by repeat clients over the past decade in multiple sectors including healthcare, insurance, telecom, CPG, government, finance and technology and have worked with leading advertising agencies across the country.

We have a very open, collaborative and casual culture and welcome people with creative thinking and results-oriented attitudes. Look Media is growing rapidly, and this is a great opportunity to help our company grow and develop as a leader in the organization.

Look Media is committed to maintaining a diverse work environment and proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We encourage appeals from people of indigenous, ethnic, people with disabilities, gender and sexually diverse communities or people of inter-ethnic identity. If you have any accessibility requirements or concerns regarding the recruitment process or employment with us, please let us know to provide suitable accommodation.


[email protected]

Florida Regional Accounts Director

Liquid Outdoor Media is a boutique outdoor advertising company with a national portfolio of media features. We are looking for a regional account manager to market our new digital outdoor advertising feature in Miami / Ft Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, and Ft Myers. In addition, this location will represent our national portfolio of high-profile digital and static OOH assets for Florida-based companies and advertisers.

The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 2 - 5 years experience in media sales, especially outdoor media sales. This candidate must be a self-promoter with a great work ethic and have existing relationships with local / regional advertisers and advertising agencies throughout South Florida. This is a remote location and will require travel if needed.

The salary plus commission structure is consistent with the experience of the candidate. Benefits included.

Click on the link here for more information

[email protected]


OOH Recruitment
OOH agency / service
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formetco 360 software logo

Formatco Is experiencing tremendous growth and is currently recruiting for the following positions in Georgia:

  • Sign installer
  • LED video screen service and installation technology

To learn more and apply, visit:

Formatco The package offers a wide range of benefits, including health, dental, vision, short-term disability, long-term disability, life insurance, 401K, and payment time. Formetco requires a drug-free workplace, and a pre-employment drug test.



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OhOH Printers and Suppliers
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OOH service

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To make it to the outside media The largest national Mobile billboards And field marketing companies.
With streamlined and scalable operations, it can run its mobile billboard and field marketing efforts in any market across the United States, as well as offering key staff across the country, including national account executives, operations team members, lead drivers, and drivers. National Field Manager and Brand Ambassador.

Since 1997, the company has established itself as a key player in the industry, helping to create more integrated and unique deliverables with almost any type of vehicle or resource needed for your campaign.

Driver Carrier Link:
Product / service link:


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A message for Movia Media

Helping brands maximize their advertising results
With a unique combination of mobile advertising and technology.
Movia installs tracking and Wi-Fi collecting devices on trucks that act as moving billboards,
Provides real-time impression analytics and retargeting opportunities.
Brands can view their real-time dashboard
To see when, where and who saw their messages and track their ROI.
Email: [email protected]

Phone: (416) 271-1008 / (212) 851-6587

Oh the free agent

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#OOH Jobs and free agents today

Published every Saturday and Monday. Open classified ads.
Free Agent (Position Wanted) Available Space is subject to free
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Paid advertising communication services for outdoor industries
Open classified ads2

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Top tailgate is essential for any event suitable for partying

Tellgate parties are about showing your passion for an event. Whether it’s a major ball game or your favorite band on tour, these pre-event parties are in the parking lot and attract hundreds of fans who are looking for bonds on their common interests. These open celebrations can be small gatherings and receptions with drinks and music or turn into a celebration that is bigger than an event celebrated with BBQs, games, cocktails and more. How you spread your brand at a tailgate party can vary greatly depending on the event, but there are some tailgate essentials that each team needs. Not sure what to bring to a tailgate? Here are some of the best ideas for gift and party planning to create your mark.

Hot Tip: Want to know about some of the most successful sports tailgate events? Check out our infographic on the Telgate essentials for sports events!

Cocktails and Drinks Telgate Essentials

It's not a tailgate party without drinks! Whether it’s a cold beer or your own cocktail concoction, you need some serious cold in your cup for a hot party. Of course, unless you're setting up a cocktail stand (recommend it altogether), you may want to keep the mixes simple and easy. Go crazy with Cool-Aid for a quick cocktail like a little lemon here, some ginger there, or a game day. You can also plan ahead and store your cocktails in a unique poppy-tale that will surely get the buzz of the crowd.

Need something more sustainable to spread around? Here are some great cold-drink gifts that are absolutely tailgating essential.

Full color 22 oz. Pitcher Stadium Cup

It’s about volume and color with this 22 oz. Cup! The party essentials fit into a cupholder while still reducing refill trips with its ultra volume and you get the best for your brand with a full color imprint on the front. A Kipsake and a Party Cup, you don't want to celebrate without one!

Grande Britebrand ™ 16 oz Ace Double Wall Tumblr

Need something with a straw? These colorful tumblers are more than just your usual party cups. Featuring double-wall insulation, a protective cap, and a color-matching reusable straw, it's hard to imagine an outdoor parking lot party without one of these to keep your drinks cool and bugs away.

Britebrand ™ 22 oz. Stainless steel alley travel mug

Perfect for cocktails and cool-aids, these colorful stainless steel tumblers are sure to follow your fans at every outdoor event once you pass them! With a full color impression and easy sip and slide-off flouncing, these heated cups will keep your drinks cool by following the party and ceremony.

Collapsible KOOZIE® Can Cooler

For fans who like their drinks in cans, these collapsible KOOZIE® coolers are the perfect accessory to take your brand to the party. Easy to pack up and take home or pop out during events, these trendy can coolers are an additional insulation that anyone can use.

KOOZIE® six-pack cooler

When you’re eating out the back of your car, a cooler is an absolute must. This compact cooler will keep a complete six-pack safe from heat and allow easy travel with its shoulder strap. Add your custom logo to the front so everyone knows who the real host of the party is, then share it with your co-workers!

Coleman® 1/2 gallon heat jug

Isn't a big cup big enough for you? This half gallon insulated jug will keep anyone hydrated from the start of the Telgate party to the end of the show, with extras to share! Featuring a wide-mouthed top so you can pack it with all the ice of your choice, also a flip spout for easy pouring and even drinking.

BBQ Telgate Essential

While everyone is coming for the event, some people are at the tailgate just for the delicious food. You can grow up with shared BBQs and peppers, or keep it simple with some sandwiches and chips. But your tailgators love to dine, and even vegetarians can't return a good barbecue gift. Suitable for raffle and sharing with self-appointed tailgate chefs, have fun with these delicious gifts that will turn any gathering into a real party.

KOOZIE® portable BBQ with cooler bag

Pack your cooler with some delicious spices and ready-to-grill appetizers, because we've covered the grill part! This portable BBQ has everything you need from grill base and cookware to cooler. Sharing a few of these with your fellow home chefs is a surefire way to get your name out at each of their outdoor events.

Basecamp: 6 piece BBQ grill set

Need to make up your grilling game on the go? This BBQ pot set has everything you need to fry, grill, roast and more wherever you go. Easy to roll and carry in a canvas canvas case, you are sure to find some serious choices from someone lucky enough to receive this delicious gift.

Party games and facilities

Food and drinks are going to be the highlight of any event, there is plenty of time to fill between meals and big events. Kill the time and make friends with Telgate games that anyone can play! You can host raffle, do face painting for fans, quickly set the mood for dancing and partying by playing carnival games (hackie sacks, anyone?) Or acting as a DJ. Here are some active-fun gifts that will enliven any outdoor event.

16 ″ Sport Beach Ball

Especially good for sports events, these inflated balls are an easy way to get everyone to party. Just fill and toss, and everyone wants to join in to keep the ball off the field. Printing on one of these will make your logo popular in the crowd, and no one will be able to resist the temptation to take them home as a swanky beach party.

Blackwater outdoor bluetooth speaker

You don't need a huge set up to be a DJ at a tailgate party. This tiny speaker packs a huge audio punch, designed to explode your tunes across the parking lot. Pass them as a prize for a karaoke competition or share them with loud fans Even though you share them, these built-in travel speakers are designed to be durable

Beat the heat in style

If you are really committed to a long tailgate party, you need to be prepared to take the heat. A quick way to kill any outdoor event that has been standing for a long time without any way to keep it cool. If you have chairs to share and fans for fans, you will quickly become popular at any tailgate party. Check out these branding gifts that are meant to keep the party going throughout the day.

KOOZIE® camping chair with cooler

If you are going to have a sit down party, go with this ultimate camping chair! Easy to fold and store, this comfortable KOOZIE chair features both a cup holder and its own armside cooler. Tailgate is designed for those who like to relax, your brand will be extremely popular with anyone who finds one of these leg-saving devices.

Fold the tripod stool with carrying bag

Made for long lines and long events, this compact tripod stool is the perfect solution for aspiring party-travelers who just need to break their legs. Those who get these will praise your name, and those who do not will be jealous that they think about it themselves.

Mini fan

You're not a real fan unless you blow a lot of air, and this fan is built for just that. Small but powerful, this portable electric fan is a must-have for any outdoor event that takes place in the heat. Hot cars, hot sun ... then enter your hot brand products to save the day! This neat little fan will easily turn it into an essential checklist for anyone's tailgate.

Foldable nylon fan

Small, foldable, but heat beat? This handheld fan is designed for those who like to pack light while packing everything. For those who haven't brought anything to keep them cool through the Telgate event, this little fan will be a serious life saver.

The Telgate events are nothing more than a party, a pre-party for which fans arrive a few hours in advance. This makes it a perfect place for their brands to set up a booth and have fun with their party contributions, be it food, games, music or even your own products and services. Before you go, make sure you take the time to research your own Telgate essentials so you can take full advantage of event marketing while creating some serious party vibes of your own.

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QMS Reveals First City of Sydney Communication Panel – Oh Today

Leading digital outdoor media company QMS has unveiled the design of its state-of-the-art communication panel that is being rolled out across its new City of Sydney network, with the first units already installed on Elizabeth and Castlereg Street.

A total of 150 units will be installed across the city of Sydney, with the weather permitting to complete the installation by August.

Message for Wrapify
Message for Wrapify

Communication panels consist of a two-sided, 86-inch digital display with an advertising face on one side and the Sydney Community Information Face on the other. Visitor services across the city, including important public messaging, upcoming event information, and touch-screen capabilities, will be featured to support the increased community engagement for city residents and businesses.

New communication panels designed by QMS and award-winning architect, Grimshaw Independent accessibility was created in consultation with consultants Prioritize accessibility Comply with the City of Sydney's Inclusion Action Plan and comply with AS1428.1 and AS1428.2 standards.

Gema Enright's profile photo
Gema Enright

QMS General Manager, City of Sydney, Gema EnrightSaid: “Our revived City of Sydney Network focuses on breathing new life into Australia's economic and cultural capital. Communication panels are an important part of achieving that goal, providing both a high quality and seemingly invaluable resource for advertisers and an inclusive communication channel that prioritizes information for all Sydney residents where they work, live and play. "

Panels with infrastructure design will be 100% carbon offset from installation Contributed responsibly with high "end of life" recycling in line with the City of Sydney's commitment to sustainability.

The city of Sydney covers an area of ​​26 sq km, with 33 separate suburbs across 33 suburbs and Accommodation for high-income, educated and high-spending visitors.

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Lamar Pride Month has launched a billboard campaign – Oh Today

Message for circle graphics

In celebration of Pride Month, and as part of the company's ongoing support for the LGBTQ + community, Lamar Advertising is once again sharing a message of acceptance, equality and tolerance on its digital billboard national network.

Throughout June, Lamar will display the simple message of "Choice Profit" on more than 390 digital billboards in more than 55 markets across the country.

Shawn Riley

"Inclusion and equality have always been a feature of Lamar's culture," he said Shawn Riley, CEO of Lamar Advertising. “We deeply believe in treating everyone with respect, kindness and tolerance. We hope that throughout the month, the message we proudly share on our digital billboards will remind and inspire everyone. ”

About Lamar Advertising Company
Founded in 1902, Lamar Advertising (Nasdaq: LAMR) is one of the largest outdoor advertising agencies in North America, with over 356,000 displays across the United States and Canada. Lama offers advertisers a variety of billboards, interstate logos, transit and airport advertising formats, helping both local businesses and national brands reach a wider audience every day. In addition to its more traditional outdoor inventory, Lamar is proud to offer its customers the largest network of digital billboards in the United States with over 4,000 displays.

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Project X Media – Oh Today

We caught up with recently John LaramiFounder and CEO Project X MediaDay series for our perennial organization.

If you are interested in featuring your OOH agency on OOH Today, please email us.

What sets Project X apart from other companies? We know the standard answer people, but need to have more?

John Larami's profile photo

JL: We believe in customer-centric planning. PJX works on a deeper level to understand your brand, purpose and key audience and then builds an OOH strategy that reaches your customers in a meaningful way. We created the first OOH tech-platform (ADstruc) to integrate planning data and automate purchases, enabling our team to plan and buy high-target OOH smarter and more efficiently. We believe the right team and the right technology can create better OOH campaigns and enable us to consistently deliver core principles of service, strategy and pricing.

What are the three key business wins for Project X?

  1. Anyone can buy you media, but the real value lies in how the story is told. Telling that story through OOH is a journey and our team and technology have the biggest impact on our clients ’dollars.
  2. We are not in the business of account management. We are in the business of account development. We're not just signing up to run your business, we're committed to growing your business.
  3. We know the data - we develop audience segments using demographic, psychological and behavioral data to identify areas with a high density of potential clients for a client. We can tap into our proprietary platform to analyze consumer behavior across multiple attributes and dimensions that best describe the potential of the audience. The created fine audience portrait informs us of the recommendations of the plan and enables us to prioritize hyper-local geography and review the OOH format / placement by an audience indicator.
Message for Movia Media

What has been your favorite OOH campaign to do?

JL: Glacier's "Lash Slick" Mascara - Theater Campaign. Together with our clients, we recognize the enormous opportunity to partner and support businesses struggling during the epidemic while helping them achieve their marketing goals.

In addition to launching the Mascara line through a series of "movie trailers" চলছে running on both digital and linear TV — celebrities like Ego Noodim and improv actor Katherine St. Sien on Saturday Night Live: on-screen: 30 pre-roll theaters. , We have occupied the marquees with OOH installations and poster boards at nine indie movie theaters in NYC, LA, CHI, DAL, BOS, and SF.

Last year's biggest win?

JL: WeBull Market Limited. One of our new business directors saw an ad running on WeBull Digital Taxi Tops with a short QR code. Knowing intimately how OOH is consumed and the strategies we apply here at PJX, we had some alternative ideas to engage the customer in a more meaningful way. After a few phone calls and some topline discussions, we've finished planning and implementing their Q4 21 'campaign in 6 US markets, and numerous environments and formats. Not only was this a great win for Project X, but it also showed how strategic thinking can help OOH executives optimize to better resonate with the desired audience.

How has the business been affected by the epidemic?

JL: Apparently the entire outdoor media industry, from experts to operators, was heavily affected by the epidemic. We chose to focus on the aspects of our business that we can control (processes, teams, technologies, activities, etc.), to strengthen our organization to a fundamental level, ensuring that we are ready for the revival of the OOH channel.

What's on the horizon for Project X?

JL: We continue to focus on increasing / scaling Project X through new and existing client and agency relationships, ongoing education for emerging brands interested in the OOH space, and a diverse offering. Our goal is to push the channel's boundaries further, with our best-in-class technology and product development leading to more measurement / attribution that provides real ROI to clients to justify increased OOH investment.

Speed ​​round

1. What is the current state of OOH in May 2022? Rich.
2. Who (brand / advertiser) should be in OOH but not? Grayson Clothiers.
3. Will the programmatic agency reduce staff? No.
4. Describe today's OOH programmatic situation. Relevant.
5. Describe what it will be in 2 years? Expected.
6. Are fee or revenue agencies like Project X strong enough today and are planning and scheduling companies on the right track to survive? Yes - as long as you continue to provide clients with services, strategies and pricing, revenue will follow.

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Why digital marketers are moving from display advertising to OOH – OOH

Sponsored article from Wrapify

More and more marketers are testing out-of-home (OOH) placement as an alternative channel to digital media. Nowadays, the classically recognized top-of-the-funnel advertising platform doesn't just help raise brand awareness. These ads are now driving real results like the beginning of the digital marketing age

In this article, we'll address four key reasons why this advertising platform is making a significant comeback, and how today's marketers - digital, performance and brand - can all benefit from it.

1. It works

Yes, this is technically a complete sentence. But let's back it up with data and statistics! Before the epidemic and even more so today, OOH has proven the effectiveness of the industrial advertising medium. A recent report commissioned by OAAA measured consumers' online activity after exposure to six different advertising platforms - OOH, TV, Video, Radio, Display and Print. The results draw some interesting comparisons between how different platforms are used and what results can be driven.

For example, when it comes to running search results, marketers may think that video or TV is by far the most influential medium. However, 41% of U.S. adults report using a search engine to find information after seeing an OOH ad.

In addition, many digital marketers have the idea that in order to drive conversions (app downloads, website visits, online shopping) it must be done with display ads. But every conversion strategy in OOH and TV advertising research has surpassed display.

OOH has also done a stand-out performance, coming up as the # 1 platform for running social and video posts. Which is understandable, because customers aren't going to take screenshots of display ads on their phones and re-post them, but they will stop taking pictures of clever brand ads while they live.

2. The performance of digital advertising is declining

With the influx of companies shifting to online marketing during the epidemic, increased competition has created higher digital advertising costs for on-demand marketers. According to a recent survey, 77% of marketers agree that increasing online focus during epidemics has made SEO competition more difficult. Most indicate that competing with big brands for search positions has resulted in lower revenue for digital advertising.

In addition to search displays, the cost of social media for marketers has also increased.'s chief revenue officer explained that the cost of Facebook (Meta) and Google promotions increased significantly during the 2021 holiday season. Which means consumers are immersed in digital advertising. Most marketers in the same survey believe that poor performance in digital advertising is a direct result of consumer digital fatigue and general distrust of digital advertising.

After all, there is another big risk in the world of digital media. In 2022, digital advertising fraud in North America is estimated to cost 23 23 billion in lost marketing dollars. That's more than double the total US OOH advertising costs. Let it sink ...

3. The United States is returning to normal

It would be a mistake to say that the epidemic did not affect the outdoor advertising industry either. During peak lockdown, travel on the street, subway or shop was almost stagnant. Therefore, general OOH advertising mediums simply do not meet the needs of marketers.

According to the monthly dynamics report provided by Geopath and MotionWorks, the consumer movement is starting to pick back up. According to their latest report, the average daytime homecoming in April is higher than in March 2021 - up to 88% of the US population.

Now that things are unfolding and people are returning to work, there is a resurgence outside the home, resulting in a 72% increase in OOH spending in the first quarter of 2022. This was not only the overall increase in the marketing budget post-epidemic, but also the result of marketers finding new channels to reach their goals. Brands such as Sunday Scarris and Belleville have become just two of many brands that have devoted over 20% of their marketing budget to buying OOH Media (average spending in all industries is still 4%).

4. Bonus: It is measurable

While some of this information may sound familiar, the scalability of OOH advertising is somewhat uncertain. Because it is relatively new, and still not perfect in many versions of OOH. A. Wrap, We block this pattern.

Our software provides measurable statistics. It's not just the total impression, it's the consumer action. Using the Wrapify Attribution Suite, brands can characterize Wrapify vehicle exposure by affecting site visits, online conversions, in-app conversions, and retail foot-traffic.

Brands using Wrapify can be used by open viewers to retarget. Through physical retargeting, brands can trigger audio, mobile, display, connected TV, native and video ads from Wrapify vehicle exposure. This feature is a perfect addition to any marketing mix, enabling a full subchannel campaign.

When you think of a successful marketing campaign, there are several things to consider. "Is this the right audience?" "Exact time?" "Is it measurable?" "Will there be more?" All of this is important to consider. And while you may think that only a few types of campaigns can answer all of this, the resurgence of OOH has come here to make you think differently!

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Outfront ‘Pride Personified’ – Oh Today

The 'Pride Personified' campaign will be featured on OOH resources nationwide in June.

OUTFRONT Media Inc. Celebrates the proud month by highlighting 19 LGBTQIA + individuals across the country with assets outside the home. With Arrogant personality, Outfront media, industry, including industry, including politics, television, film, marketing, real estate, industry, health and human services, showcases their achievements in the face of adversity and those who express a sense of pride both professionally and personally.

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The creative and concept of the campaign was designed by Jake Parshall, co-chair of Outfront Employee Resource Group (ERG) and a member of Outfront Studios. The PRIDE Personified Campaign commends individuals for their impact in their community and workplace. To illustrate this, photos and occupations of each LGBTQIA + person are displayed, along with authentic weird, lively, and fun design campaigns.

“I’m really set to do something that didn’t feel‘ corporate ’,” he said Jake Parshall, Vice-president of OUT at OUTFRONT ERG. "I wanted the designs to be super colorful, reflecting the diversity of the LGBTQIA + community, and I drew from the flag of progress, highlighting not only the traditional rainbow flag, but especially the trans community."

Mark Fenty

"I am honored to be part of Outfront's 2022 PRIDE Personified Campaign," he said. Mark Fenty, SVP OOH Horizon Media and Co-Chair OOH United. “I have long believed in the power of OOH and it is important to use these influential IRL canvases to celebrate people in the LGBTQIA + community. The campaign follows in the footsteps of OOH United, an initiative committed to advancing a culture of inclusion across the entire OOH industry, as diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are key to industry growth. "

The 2022 honorees are listed below:

  • Mark Fenty, co-chair of SVP, Horizon Media OOH and OOH United
  • Amanda McAllister Walner, Director of the California LGBTQ Health and Human Services Network
  • Cody Jankzewski, Vice President, Managing Director - Horizon Next Media
  • Katie Burgess, SVP Marketing and Media Strategy at CW
  • Queen B. Amr, trans-queer performance artist
  • Steve Burnbaum, EVP, managing director of Spark Foundry
  • Monica C. Smith, Founder and CEO of Marketsmith Inc.
  • Alberto Mendez, Resource Center Prevention Program Manager
  • Mayor Pro Tempore Sepi Shine, Mayor Pro Tempore, City of West Hollywood at City of West Hollywood
  • Vivian Perez, Ladies Touch Events & Travel Events & Travel Architect
  • Danny Rose is an executive producer at Danny Rose Media, Inc.
  • Ross S. Currie, Vice President, Client Services of Conroy Media Limited.
  • Josh Miller, co-founder + CEO of IDEAS xLab
  • Rebecca Washington, Owner / CEO of Washington Academy of Barbering and Arts Washington Academy of Barbering and Arts
  • Heather Loose, Broker / Owner of Casey Local Homes
  • Matt George, Social Media Personality / Podcaster / Activist
  • Brie Burroughs, head brewer and co-owner of The Big Rip Brewing Co.
  • Reverend Jackie Fernandez, Senior Minister at Unity Church in Overland Park
  • Damien Pelicion, CEO / Co-founder of Revari

About OUTFRONT Media Inc
OUTFRONT uses the power of technology, location and creativity to connect brands with their out-of-home customers through one of North America's largest and most diverse sets of billboards, transit, and mobile resources. Through its technology platform, OUTFRONT will fundamentally change the way advertisers connect with their audiences on the go.

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